Lecture Notes

1 Mission Requirements for Space Propulsion (PDF)

Review of Rocket Propulsion (PDF)
2 Mission Analysis for Low Thrust (PDF)
3 Approximate ∆V for Low-Thrust Spiral Climb (PDF)
4 Re-positioning in Orbits (PDF)
5 Chemical Thrusters for In-Space Propulsion (PDF)
6 Hydrazine Decomposition: Performance Estimates (PDF)
7 Bipropellant Chemical Thrusters and Chemical Propulsion Systems Consideration (Valving, Tanks, etc.) (PDF)
9 Some Examples of Small Solid Propellant Rockets for In-space Propulsion (PDF)
10 Electric Propulsion - Some Generalities on Plasma (and Arcjet Engines) (PDF)
11-12 Simplified Analysis of Arcjet Operation (PDF)
13-14 Electrostatic Thrusters (PDF)
15 Thrust Calculation (Single Grid, Single Potential) (PDF)
16 Brophy's Theory (PDF)
17 Notes on Hall Thrusters (PDF)
18 Hall Thruster Efficiency (PDF)
21 Electrostatic versus Electromagnetic Thrusters (PDF)
22 A Simple Model For MPD Performance-onset (PDF)
23-25 Colloidal Engines - Experimental Results and Modeling of Basic Phenomena (PDF)