Lecture Notes

Please note that there are no lecture notes for the final portion of the course as class sessions focused on discussion and debate.

Part 1: Theories of Violence and the Problem of Rationality
1 Section 1: Introduction to the Debate (PDF)
2-3 Section 2: Theoretical Foundations: Crowds, Ritual or Demonic Males? (PDF)
4-5 Section 3: Political Violence, the State, and Theoretical Controversies (PDF)
Part 2: Conceptions of Rights, Rationality and Relativism
6-7 Section 4: Rights Talk in Western Culture: Whose Rights, Whose Rationality? (PDF)
8-9 Section 5: Debating Universalism versus Cultural Relativism: How Is the Notion of Culture Discussed?
10-11 Section 6: The Spectacle of Torture: Violence, State Security, and the Perpetrator (PDF 1) (PDF 2)
Part 3: Dilemmas of Postmodern Violence: State-Sponsored, Collective, or Interpersonal?
12-13 Section 7: Genocide-The Inconceivable? (PDF)
14-15 Section 8: The Problem of Sex and Gender Violence in Political Crises: "Ethnic Cleansing" or Interpersonal Crime? (PDF 1) (PDF 2)
Part 4: From Violence and Trauma to Justice
16-17 Section 9: Argentina's Dirty War (PDF 1) (PDF 2)
18-20 Section 10: Rwanda: Genocide Revisited (PDF)
Part 5: The Politics of Memory, Victimization, and Reparations in "Transitional" Societies
21-24 Section 11: South Africa: Truth Commissions, Trials, Trauma, and Transitions to Democracy
25 Section 12: Haiti: Human Rights, Justice, and Humanitarian Assistance
Conclusions and Concerns