1 Animals in Human History

Amateur and Professional Studies
2-3 Introduction to Ethology

Tinbergen's Four Questions

Field Studies of Birds
Homework 1 due at Lec #3
4 Lorenz' Jackdaws
5 Ethology of Geese

Fixed Action Patterns and the Central Nervous System
6 Input and Output Sides of Innate Behavior

7 Motivation (cont.)
8 Lorenz on Fixed Action Patterns
9 Lorenz on Innate Releasing Mechanisms
10 Models, Hierarchies and Chains of Action Patterns
11 Spatial Orientation

Multiple Motivations
12 Interlude: Evolutionary Genetics - Guest Lecturer, R. Lewontin Homework 2 due
13 Evolution of Behavior, Genes, Learning
14 Navigation, Migration, Communication
15 Communication (cont.)
16 Foraging Homework 3 due
17 Anti-predator Behavior
18 Anti-predator Behavior (cont.)
19 Mating and Reproduction, Introduction
20 Sociobiology Introduction
21 Sociobiology Subject Matter
22 Genes and Behaviors
23 Sociobiology and Science
24-25 Discoveries of Sociobiology
26 Video: Portions of two programs on the behavior of the domestic cat, showing similarities with larger cat species
27 Videos on the Behavior of Apes
28 Cultural Determinism and Sociobiology
29 Sociobiology and Culture Homework 4 due two days after Lec #29
30 Practical Issues in Study of Adaptation
31 The Triumph of Sociobiology Homework 5 due two days after Lec #31
32-35 Student Project Presentations
36 Student Project Presentations (cont.), Review
37 Exam Review Session