Lecture Notes

A selection of downloadable lecture slides are included in the table below.

1 Animals in Human History; Amateur and Professional Studies (PDF)
2 Introduction to Ethology; Tinbergen's Four Questions (PDF)

Field Studies of Birds
5 Ethology of Geese (PDF)

Fixed Action Patterns and Central Nervous System
13 Evolution of Behavior, Genes, Learning (PDF)
15 Communication (PDF)
17 Anti-predator Behavior (PDF)
19 Mating and Reproduction, Introduction (PDF)
21 Sociobiology Subject Matter (PDF)
22 Genes and Behaviors (PDF)
24-25 Discoveries of Sociobiology (PDF)
26 Video: Portions of two programs on the behavior of the domestic cat, showing similarities with larger cat species (PDF)
27 Videos on the Behavior of Apes (PDF)
28 Cultural Determinism and Sociobiology (PDF)
30 Practical Issues in Study of Adaptation (PDF)
31 The Triumph of Sociobiology (PDF)