Shorter assignments and handouts

First Class Writing Exercise (PDF)

Class Information Form (PDF)

Homework and Class Preparation Guidelines (PDF)

Writer's Letter Assignment (PDF)

Grammar Presentations (PDF)

Major writing assignments

Essay 1 Sequence (PDF)

Peer Review Form - Exercise 1, Essay 1 (PDF)

Writing Tips Essay 1 (PDF)

Workshop Instructions Essay 1 (PDF)

Essay 2 Sequence (PDF)

Essay 2: List of Past Topics (PDF)

Workshop Instructions Essay 2 (PDF)

Assignment 3 (PDF)

Grant Proposal Outline (PDF)

In-Class Workshop Form - 3 - Grant Proposal (PDF)

In-Class Workshop Form - 3 - Advocacy Essay (PDF)

Questions on readings

Questions on "Love and Gold" (PDF)

Questions on Thompson - "Wizard of Prozac" (PDF)

Questions on "Dead Man Walking" (PDF)