1 Introduction to the Course, Course Materials, and Subject

Discussion of Slides and Photographs – Discussion of Documentary Photo Project
2 Road Trip to Wellesley College to attend Presentation by Documentary Photographer Susan Meiselas
3 Discussion of Sontag
4 Sontag Papers Due

Discussion of Richards and Salgado
5 Space Ship must Land

Project Proposals Due
6 Saglado/Richards Paper Due - Further Discussions of Project Proposals
7 Discussion of Coles

Coles Paper Due

Project Discussion in Light of Coles
8 Initial Contact Sheets/Proofs of Project Due
9 Requiem Discussion

First Draft of Project Text Due
10 Requiem Paper Due

Discussion of Draft Texts
11 Project Photo Delections Due

Discussion of Selections
12 Discussion of Projects
13 Dinner, Discussion, Presentation of Final Projects