This course has two recitations each week. These recitation sessions emphasize concepts from the lectures and focus on solving problems in small groups. In-class participation during the recitation sessions counts for 20% of a student's grade. The grade is based mainly on the degree of active, prepared participation in the small group, rather than problem-solving success.

Ses # Topics
R1 Logic (PDF)
R2 Case Analysis (PDF)
R3 Induction (PDF)
R4 Strong Induction (PDF)
R5 Well-ordering Principle (PDF)
R6 The Pulverizer (PDF)
R8 Graphs and Trees (PDF)
R9 Bipartite Graphs (PDF)
R10 Sums and Approximations (PDF)
R11 The Quest (PDF)
R12 Solving Linear Recurrences (PDF)
R13 Basic Counting Notions (PDF)
R14 Counting Rules (PDF)
R15 Counting (PDF)
R16 Generating Functions and Expressions (PDF)
R17 The Four-Step Method (PDF)
R18 Law of Total Probability (PDF)
R19 Probability (PDF)
R20 Random Variables, Distributions, etc. (PDF)
R21 Expected Value (PDF)
R22 Conditional and Total Expectation (PDF)
R23 Stencil the Flea (PDF)