Lecture Notes

6001mac (TEX) contains macros that produce the look-and-feel of the handouts.

1 Introduction and Basic Scheme (PDF) (TEX) Student Notes 1 (PDF)   Solutions 1 (TXT)
2 Procedures and Recursion (PDF) (TEX) Student Notes 2 (PDF)   Solutions 2 (TXT)
3 More Procedures (PDF) (TEX) Student Notes 3 (PDF) Code to load, lec3 (SCM) Solutions 3 (TXT)
4 Sugar, Recursive/Iterative, Basic Lists (PDF) (TEX) Student Notes 4 (PDF)   Solutions 4 (TXT)
5 List Procedures, Data Abstraction (PDF) (TEX) Student Notes 5 (PDF)   Solutions 5 (TXT)
6 Higher Order Procedures, Types, Nimrod (PDF) (TEX) Student Notes 6 (PDF)   Solutions 6 (TXT)
7 Quiz 1 Student Notes 7 (PDF)   Solutions 7 (TXT)
8 Tags, Association Lists, Trees (PDF) (TEX) Student Notes 8 (PDF) Code to load, lec8 (SCM) Solutions 8 (TXT)

lec8solns.scm (SCM)
9 Henderson Picture Language (PDF) (TEX) Student Notes 9 (PDF) Code to load, lec9 (ZIP) (The ZIP contains: 5 .scm files, and 25 .pgm files.)