Lecture Notes

1 Course Introduction; What is Systems Engineering? (PDF)
2 INCOSE Model of SE; RCI Model of SE (PDF)

RCI Systems Engineering Process
3 Lean Thinking; Set-Based Design
4 Axiomatic Design; Decision-Based Design; Summary of Frameworks Phase (PDF)
5 Exam 1
6 Quality Function Deployment (PDF)
7 Pugh Concept Selection; Controlled Convergence (PDF)
8 Effective Innovation (PDF)
9 Critical Parameter Management and Error Budgeting (PDF)
10 Design of Experiments (PDF)
11 Design of Experiments (cont.) (PDF)

Isoperformance (PDF - 2.1 MB) (Courtesy of Olivier de Weck. Used with permission.)
12 Physics Based Modeling (PDF)
13 Robust Design (PDF)
14 Extreme Programming (PDF)
15 Exam 2
Case Studies

Aircraft Engines (GE)


17 Work on Aircraft Engines Assignment

Project Oxygen
18 NORAD Command and Control (Mitre)
19 Tactical Tomahawk
20 Course Summary; Feedback