Assignment 3

Key Dates

Assigned: Ses #4

Due: Ses #7


Readings and Elevator Speech

  1. Read any two additional readings from the additional readings list. The last 5 articles are from the National Academies' Issues in Science and Technology, and although not specifically 'leadership articles', there are many connections to our distributed leadership framework, and I thought that you might enjoy the contemporary nature of the articles. Discuss the two additional references on Leadership by providing a ½ page critique of each.
  2. Write a 45 second Elevator Speech and hand it in as a written and/or illustrated text OR as a digital audio file. Challenge yourself, pick a topic that you are passionate about, but might be uncomfortable with, and choose a 'mock' Leading Figure at the highest level to whom you will deliver your elevator speech. You will deliver your speech in class during Ses #8.

What is an Elevator Speech?

The Elevator Speech is a very brief, concise, well-delivered description of your key idea(s) on a topic that you are passionate about. Imagine that you step into an elevator in the headquarters building of … (NASA, IBM, EPA, French Ministry of Energy, UK Parliament, an NGO, name your organization/encounter) and you find yourself riding with the CEO/President/Chair; you have about 45 seconds to explain your idea to him/her, and you want to make sure that every word counts.

Student Examples

All student work is courtesy of MIT students, and is used with permission.

Example 1 (PDF)

Example 2 (PDF)

Example 3 (PDF)