Lecture Notes

I. Introduction
1 Introduction (PDF)
2 Science and policy: A brief overview (PDF)
II. Frameworks and Analysis Tools
3 Modeling for science, modeling for policy (PDF)
4 What makes scientific information effective in policy? (PDF)

Frameworks: Scientific assessment

Field Trip: Making Models exhibit at Museum of Science

6 Frameworks: Science, policy and the public (PDF)
7 Frameworks: Risk assessment (PDF)
8 Frameworks: Precaution (PDF)
9 Frameworks: Boundaries  
10 Project preparation (no class)  
11 Frameworks: Adaptive management (PDF)
III. Case Studies of Models and Assessments in Policy
12 Air pollution science and models (PDF)
13 Project checkpoint I (PDF - 1.6MB)

Environmental modeling at Environmental Protection Agency

Guest lecturer: Elsie Sunderland

(PDF - 12.5MB) (Courtesy of Elsie Sunderland. Used with permission.)
15 RAINS negotiation exercise  
16 Case study: Fisheries and ozone (PDF - 1.9MB)

Humanitarian logistics

Guest lecturer: Jarrod Goentzel

18 Project checkpoint II  
19 Case study: Chemicals (PDF)
20 Case study: Climate I  

The C-ROADS model

Guest lecturer: Travis Franck


Climate optimization models

Guest lecturer: Mort Webster

(PDF) (Courtesy of Mort Webster. Used with permission)

Health care assessments: Redesigning the stroke care pathway

Guest lecturer: Dr. Stan Finkelstein

IV. Summary and Applications
24 Synthesis across cases (PDF)
25 Term project presentations  
26 Term project presentations (cont.)