Assignments will be distributed at least 2 weeks prior to due date I reserve the right to alter the dates somewhat as needed.

Essay 1—Due Session 9

(5-page paper, double spaced)

In his article "Finding a Place in Metropolitan Japan," William Kelly criticizes the recurring "consensus versus conflict" debate… [Read more]

Essay 2—Due Session 14

(5-page paper, double spaced)

During this section of the class we are exploring and discussing different approaches to cultural analysis… [Read more]

Essay 2 Revision—Due Session 18

(8 page paper, double spaced)

Students will meet with the instructor prior to session 17 to discussion the first version of Essay 2. This discussion will help guide the revision process.

Oral Presentations—Due Sessions 19–23

Each student will have 10 minutes for an individual presentation to discuss their final projects. On each day, 3–4 students will form a panel for presentations.

Independent research regarding your final project: Please identify 3 additional sources (outside articles, book chapters, short stories, films, TV shows) for your research for your final project.

Final Essay—Due Session 25

(8-page paper, double spaced)

Microthemes—Due Every Class Without Other Papers Due

A microtheme is a 1-page paper in response to readings or discussion