Study Materials

Audio Files

The following audio files correspond with the exercises assigned in the unit, character, and sounds and symbols sections.

Unit 5

  • Unit 5.1 Tone contrasts (MP3)
  • Unit 5.4.1 In a restaurant (MP3)
  • Unit 5.6 Talking to a child  (MP3)
  • Unit 5.7.2 Three dialogues on music (MP3)
  • Unit 5.14 Dialogue: Who won? (MP3)
  • Unit 5.15 Pronunciation: erhua (MP3)

    Units 6 and 7

  • Unit 6.3.5 Dialogues (MP3)
  • Unit 6.9 Dialogue (MP3)
  • Unit 7.2.4 Dialogue (MP3)
  • Unit 7.4 Dialogue (MP3)
  • Unit 7.5 Dialogue (MP3)
  • Unit 7.9.2 Dialogue (MP3)
  • Unit 7.11 Dialogue (MP3)
  • Unit 7.13 Letter (MP3)
  • Unit 7.14 Pronounciation (MP3)

Sample Exams

Calligraphy Grid

  • Blank squared character writing paper. (PDF)

Songs and Rhymes

  • The East is Red (PDF)
  • Words in praise of Chairman Mao, put to a traditional Chinese folk tune. Lyrics in pinyin and characters, with word-for-word English translation.
  • Sailing the Seas Depends on the Helmsman (PDF)
  • More praise of Mao and the Communist Party. Lyrics in pinyin and characters, with word-for-word English translation.
  • A Kangding Love Song (PDF)
  • A well-known folk song; Kangding is a town at the eastern reaches of Tibet, in Sichuan. Lyrics and word-for-word translation.
  • The Descendants of the Dragon (PDF)
  • Lyrics and word-for-word translation of a popular song.
  • Small Town Story (PDF)
  • Lyrics in pinyin and characters, and a word-for-word translation of a song by Teresa Teng (whose Chinese name, in pinyin, is Teng Lijun).
  • Socialism's good! (PDF)
  • Lyrics in characters and pinyin, with rough English translation.
  • Four Tang Poems (PDF)
  • Poems by Li Po (Li Bei), Wang Wei, Du Fu, and Meng Haoran, in pinyin and characters; with word-for-word English translation.