Study Materials


(Course Handouts Adapted from Janet Goodwin's AP&TESL C213-Phonetics for Second/Foreign Language Education, UCLA)

Adjustments in Connected Speech (PDF)

Common Intonation Patterns (PDF)

Compounds (PDF)

Discussion Gambit Index Cards (PDF)

Duration of Epenthetic [t] in Polysyllabic American English Words (PDF)

Giving Opinions and Agreeing/Disagreeing (PDF)

Interactive Listening/Speaking Gambits (PDF)

Intonation (PDF)

Intonation and Meaning of Questions (PDF)

Ordering Beverages (PDF)

Positional Variation (PDF)

Prominence (PDF)

Sentence Stress and Rhythm (PDF)

The Sound System of NAE (PDF)

Vowels (PDF)

Word Stress (PDF)


Belluck, Pam, and Katie Zezima. "A Snow Deep and Deadly Leaves a Region in a Daze." The New York Times, December 8, 2003. (Note how Bostonians say "park" and "car.")

Kolsti, Nancy. "Job Hirers Show Bias Against Regional Accents, Study Suggests." (University of North Texas) 9, no. 11 (August 4, 2000).