Lesson 2: Shopping

7 Grammar and Vocabulary Lesson 2 Grammar Session Hiragana Day 7 (consonant + や/ゆ/よ + vowel)   Lesson 2 Vocabulary Quiz (Romanization is allowed)
8 Drills and Review   Hiragana Day 8 (double vowels and double consonants) Hiragana Quiz 2  
9 Drills and Review

Numbers, prices, items (review)

これ series

この series

Katakana introduction Lesson 2 Vocabulary Quiz (hiragana only)  
10 Drills and Review

Nouns (だれの)

これ series (review)

この series (review)

Katakana Day 1 (アーコ) Memorize assigned drills and hiragana Homework 1 due (workbook, pp. 21–2)
11 Drills and Review

Nouns (places)

だれの (review)

Prices (review)

Katakana Day 2 (サート)   Homework 2 due (workbook, pp. 23–4)
12 Dialogues Dialogues, pp. 58–9. Katakana Day 3 (ナーホ) Katakana Quiz 1 (アーホ)  
13 Review Lesson 2     Lesson 2 Quiz, includes: listening comprehension, situational usage, and grammar study