Calendar, Readings, & Assignments

Within each of the lesson pages below, there is a grid schedule divided by session, detailing what topics will be covered, assignments, and special activities that will take place in class.

Note: 21F.502 Japanese II picks up where 21F.501 Japanese I leaves off. Because of this, 21F.502 begins with Lesson 7 in the textbooks.


Buy at Amazon Banno, Eri. Genki: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese I. The Japan Times, 2011. ISBN: 9784789014403.


Buy at Amazon ———. Genki I: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese I-Workbook. The Japan Times (available at Kendall Coop), 2000. ISBN: 9784789014410.

1–2 Orientation and Review
3–8 Lesson 7
9–15 Lesson 8
16–22 Lesson 9
23 Interview Test 1
24–28 Lesson 10
29-34 Lesson 11
35-42 Lesson 12
43 Interview Test 2
44 Exam
45–46 Reading Sessions

Oral Test

Students who arrive late to the oral exam will be deducted 20 points. No regular class today.

Oral Test II

Your performance in Japanese is evaluated based upon pronunciation, fluency, accuracy, delivery and appropriateness.


You must take the exam in your section. If taken in a different section, it will result in 20% deduction of your total score.

Exam includes:

  1. Listening Comprehension: at the beginning of the exam (Be on time!)
  2. Grammar
  3. Writing
  4. Reading Comprehension

To Prepare:

  • Review all the structure patterns and vocabulary up to L12
  • Work on L12 "Listening Comprehension"
  • Work on L12 "Situational Usage"
  • Kanji up to lesson 12 will be included

Reading Sessions

The final two classes of the term will be dedicated to going over the exam, watching videos, a calligraphy workshop, and discussing the following two readings.

Reading 1 (PDF)

Reading 2 (PDF)