Grammar 21B Section I Answers

  1. かぜをひいていても、今日は学校を休まない。
    Even though I have a cold, I am not going to skip classes today.

  2. むずかしくても、やってみようと思います。
    Even if it's difficult, I think I will try.

  3. 日本語が下手でも、話した方がいいですよ。
    Even if your Japanese is not skillful, you'd better speak it.

  4. 週末でも、仕事があります。
    Even on weekends, I have work.

  5. くすりを飲まなくても、直るはずです。
    Even if you don't take medicine, I xpect that you'll become better.

  6. いらなくても、すてない方がいいんじゃないですか。
    Even though you don't need it, isn't it better not to throw it away?

  7. そふは若くなくても、元気いっぱいです。
    Even though my grandfather is not young, he is full of spirits.

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