Topics correspond to the reading assignments in the course text.

1 Orientation and Review (22AB), 22A Reading
2 23A, Review (16AB), 22B Reading HW22 due

Kanji quiz 1 (22)

Vocabulary quiz L23A
3 23B, 23A Reading Vocabulary quiz 23B
4 23B, 24A, 23B Reading Kanji quiz 2 (23A)

Lesson quiz 1 (23)

Vocabulary quiz 24A
5 24A, 24B, 24A Reading HW23 due

Kanji quiz 3 (23B)

Vocabulary quiz 24B
6 24B, Kanji Quiz 24A, 24B Reading Kanji quiz 4 (24A)
7 24B, 25A, 24B Reading Kanji quiz 5 (24B)

Lesson quiz 2 (24)

Interview test 1 (up to L24)

Vocabulary quiz 25A
8 25A, 25B, 25A Reading Kanji quiz 6 25A

HW24 due

Vocabulary quiz 25B (Including supplementary vocabulary)
9 25B, 25B Reading Kanji quiz 7 (25B)

Lesson quiz 3 (25)
10 26A, 26A Reading Kanji quiz 8 (26A)

HW25 due

Vocabulary quiz 26A (No supplementary vocabulary)
11 26B, 26AB Reading Kanji quiz 9 (26B)

Vocabulary quiz 26B
12 27A, 26B Reading Lesson quiz 26

Vocabulary quiz 27A

HW26 due
13 27A, 27B, 26B Reading Vocabulary quiz 27B
14 27B, 27AB Reading Kanji quiz 27A

Interview test 2 (up to 27)

Lesson quiz 5 (27)
15 27B Reading