Lecture Notes

I. Historical and Philosophical Introduction
1-3 Quine's modal logic and Lewis's S1 and S2

Lecture 1 (PDF)

Lecture 2 (PDF)

Lecture 3 (PDF)

Lewis's S1 and S2 (PDF)
II. Propositional Modal Logic
4-5 The basic semantic framework

Lecture 4 (PDF)

Lecture 5 (PDF)

6 Completeness Lecture 6 (PDF) Completeness for K (PDF)
7-9 Techniques for solving problems

Lecture 7 (PDF)

Lecture 8 (PDF)

Lecture 9 (PDF)

10-14 Frames and models

Lecture 10 (PDF)

Lecture 11 (PDF)

Lecture 12 (PDF)

Lecture 13 (PDF)

Lecture 14 (PDF)

Notes on frames and models (PDF)

Noncanonical models (PDF)

Finite models (PDF)

The system KW (PDF)

III. Variations and Applications
15-16 Basic tense logic and combining modality and tense

Lecture 15 (PDF)

Lecture 16 (PDF)

Tense logic I and II (PDF)

Branching time (PDF)

17 Epistemic logic Lecture 17 (PDF)

Logics of knowledge and belief (PDF)

Common knowledge (PDF)

IV. Quantified Modal Logic
18 Quantified modal logic and completeness Lecture 18 (PDF)

Quantified modal logic (PDF)

Completeness for quantified modal logic (PDF)