The problem sets are to be handed in and count for one third of the course grade. You are encouraged to collaborate, but you must write up your homework and generate your spreadsheet separately. Make it clear to us that you understand what you are doing, by making comments in your spreadsheet. Copying and turning in the same spreadsheet is strictly prohibited. There may be serious consequences.

You are strongly encouraged to redo and turn in revised versions of homework or exams in which you made serious mistakes. You will receive up to half the lost credit. You have one week after the graded homeworks are handed back to turn in any redone work. Late homework (if it's not overly late) will be accepted, but you will not get an opportunity to have it regraded.

Problem Set 1 (PDF)

Problem Set 2 (PDF)

Problem Set 3 (PDF)

Problem Set 4 (PDF)

Problem Set 4 Hints (PDF)

Problem Set 5 (PDF)

Problem Set 6 (PDF)

Problem Set 7 (PDF)

Problem Set 8 (PDF)

Problem Set 9 (PDF)

Problem Set 10 (PDF)