This class has 2 sessions per week. All assignments are due in the second session of the week as indicated in the table.

1 Dimensional analysis. Scaling  
2 Perturbation methods Problem set 1
3 Introduction to PDE  
4 Introduction to PDE (cont.) Problem set 2
5 First-order equations and MOC  
6 First-order equations and MOC (cont.) Problem set 3
7 Weak solutions to hyperbolic equations  
    Mid-term exam
8 Weak solutions to hyperbolic equations (cont.)  
9 Hyperbolic systems Problem set 4
10 Hyperbolic systems (cont.)  
11 Diffusion and reaction processes Problem set 5
12 Diffusion and reaction processes (cont.)  
13 Equilibrium models Problem set 6
14 Equilibrium models (cont.)  
15   Final exam