Lecture Notes

Notes from selected lectures are available.

1 Introduction to SI and DI engines (PDF)
2 Lab 1: Disassembly and assembly of engines
3 Engine operating characteristics
4 Ideal cycle analysis
5 Combustion and thermochemistry
6 Kinetics, equilibrium and dissociation
7 Gas properties and fuel - air cycle; cycle simulation
8 Intake and exhaust processes
9 SI engine combustion (PDF)
10 SI engine combustion (cont.) (PDF)
11 Knock and fuel requirements (PDF)
12 Mixture preparation in SI engines (PDF)
13 Quiz: covers Ses #1-8
14 SI engine emissions
15 SI engine emissions (cont.)
16 SI engine emissions Control
17 Emissions measurements and pre-lab
18 Lab 2: Engine performance and emissions measurements
19 Lab 2: Engine performance and emissions measurements (cont.)
20 Diesel engine characteristics (PDF)
21 Diesel engine: injection, ignition and combustion (PDF)
22 Diesel engine emissions and control (PDF)
23 Engine heat transfer (PDF)
24 Engine friction and lubrication (PDF)
25 Turbocharging (PDF)
26 Alternative engines and fuels; fuel cell (PDF)
27 Final exam