Lecture Notes

Selected lecture notes are provided below.

LEC # Lecture Notes
7 Capacitance of Spheres (PDF)
8 Dielectrics and Polarization (PDF)
11 Build Your Own Electric Motor - Have Fun, and Earn Extra Credit (PDF)
13 Circular motion of Protons and Electrons - Particle Accelerators (PDF)
15 Mid-term Evaluation Form (PDF)
16 Non-conservative Fields - Do Not Trust Your Intuition (PDF)
20 Faraday's Law - Most Physics College Books have it WRONG! (PDF)

Driven L-R Circuits (PDF)
21 Magnetic Materials (PDF)
22 Maxwell's Equations! (PDF)
23 Exam 2 Review - Topics (PDF)
25 Driven L-R-C Circuits I (PDF)

Driven L-R-C Circuits II (PDF)
26 Oscillating Sound Cavities - Fundamentals of Wind Instruments (PDF)
27 Travelling Electromagnetic Waves (PDF)
29 Speed of EM Waves in Matter - Index of Refraction (PDF)

Color-Wavelength Chart (PDF)
31 15 Questions about Rainbows (PDF)

Key Angles for the Primary Rainbow (PDF)
32 Exam 3 Review - Topics (PDF)