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The following table lists the reading assignments for each of the seven topics covered in this course.  For more detailed information on these reading assigments, please see the individual assignments in the assignments section.

1-7 General Structure of Quantum Mechanics

Griffiths, chapter 3 and Appendix

Ohanian, chapter 4

Shankar, chapter 1

Cohen-Tannoudji, parts of chapters II, III, IV, and V

Sakurai, chapter 1

7-9 Quantum Dynamics

Ohanian, chapter 5

Cohen-Tannoudji, parts of chapters III, IV, and V

Sakurai, sections 2.1-2.4

10-14 Two-state Systems

Feynman, chapter 9

Cohen-Tannoudji, chapter 4

Sakurai, section 2.10

Ohanian, section 9.2

14-16 Angular Momentum and Spin

Griffiths, chapter 4

Ohanian, chapter 7

Cohen-Tannoudji, chapters VI, VII, and IX

17-20 The Radial Equation and Operator Methods Ohanian, chapters 6 and 8
20-22 Addition of Angular Momentum

Griffiths, chapter 4

Ohanian, section 9.3

Cohen-Tannoudji, chapter X

23-24 Introduction to the Quantum Mechanics of Identical Particles

Griffiths, sections 5.1, 5.2, 6.3, and 6.4

Cohen-Tannoudji, chapter XIV