Problem Set 1 (PDF) A quasar at z=6.43

A galaxy at 6.6 < z < 7.1

The Particle Data Group web page

Sloan Digital Sky Survey z=5.82 Quasar

Sloan Digital Sky Survey: How Can An Object We See Today be 27 Billion Light Years Away If the Universe is only 14 Billion Years Old?
Problem Set 2 (PDF)  
Problem Set 3 (PDF)  
Problem Set 4 (PDF)  
Problem Set 5 (PDF) Perlmutter et. al. 1998 Supernova Ia Data (PDF)

Riess et. al. 2004 Supernova Ia Data (PDF)

Comment on Riess et. al. (PDF)
Problem Set 6 (PDF)