There are three principal assignments for this course. They include:

Weekly Memos

Each week, I would like you to write a concise (2-3 page) memo on the course readings. Memos should address:

  1. Ideas and arguments in the readings that you found stimulating
  2. Questions, concerns and/or disagreements with the claims of the individual texts
  3. Connections among the various texts

Research Proposal

A 10-15 page research proposal on a topic related to the course. I will explain early in the semester how to write a successful research proposal. The last few weeks of the course are dedicated to presentations of these research proposals.

Peer Memos

In addition to writing one's own research proposal, all students will be required to write 1-2 page memos, containing constructive comments, on each others' proposals.

The objective of these assignments is not only to encourage students to pursue interesting new research projects on labor politics in developing countries but also to create a vibrant and supportive intellectual community of people interested in these topics.