Anchoring and First Offers

Street Streaker

Assignment 1 (PDF)  

Alper-Raiffa Experiment (PDF)

Street Streaker: Results (PDF)

Template: Subjective Evaluation Survey (PDF)

2 Salt Harbor Assignment 2 (PDF)  

Salt Harbor: Preparation—Brims (PDF)

Salt Harbor: Preparation—Easterly (PDF)

Salt Harbor: Results (PDF)

Salt Harbor: Subjective Evaluation (PDF)

3 Oil-Price Negotiation Assignment 3 (PDF)

Oil pricing game instructions (PDF)

Prisoner's dilemma slides (PDF)

Alpert-Raiffa Experiment No. 2 (PDF)

Oil Price Game: Results (PDF)


Nelson Contracting

CP Hong Kong vs. MegaMarket U.S.A.

Assignment 4 and e-mail negotiation assignment (PDF)


Nelson vs. Amstore: Preparation (PDF)

Nelson vs. Amstore: Results (PDF)

Nelson vs. Amstore: Subjective Evaluation (PDF)


Jessie Jumpshot - Women's National Basketball League

Assignment 5 (PDF)

Jessie Jumpshot instructions (PDF)

Jessie Jumpshot slides (PDF)

Jessie Jumpshot analysis (PDF)

Jessie Jumpshot: Preparation (PDF)

Jessie Jumpshot: Results (PDF)

Jessie Jumpshot: Subjective Evaluation (PDF)

6 The Rothman Art Collection Assignment 6 (PDF)

Simple excess (PDF)

Principles for fairness (PDF)

7 Stakes of Engagement Assignment 7 (PDF)  

The Stakes of Engagement: Preparation—Jacques Parker (PDF)

The Stakes of Engagement: Preparation—Marlene Mayberry (PDF)

The Stakes of Engagement: Results—Jacques Parker (PDF)

The Stakes of Engagement: Results—Marlene Mayberry (PDF)

8 Alphexo vs. Betonn Corporation Assignment 8 (PDF)  

Alphexo Betonn: Subjective Evaluation (PDF)

Alphexo Betonn: Results (PDF)

9 Assignment 9 (PDF) Preparation (PDF) Results (PDF) Subjective Evaluation (PDF)

10 Aerospace Investment Assignment 10 (PDF)  

Aerospace Investment: Preparation—Founder (PDF)

Aerospace Investment: Preparation—VC (PDF)

Aerospace Investment: Results—Founder (PDF)

Aerospace Investment: Results—VC (PDF)

11 Flagship Assignment 11 (PDF) Flagship slides (PDF)

Flagship vs. Eureka: Preparation (PDF)

Flagship vs. Eureka: Results (PDF)

Flagship vs. Eureka: Subjective Evaluation (PDF)

Hong Kong vs. MegaMarket USA: Results (PDF)

12 Welsh Water Assignment 12 (PDF)  

Welsh Water: Preparation (PDF)

Welsh Water: Results (PDF)

Welsh Water: Subjective Evaluation (PDF)

13 Vitabeer    

Vitabeer: Results (PDF)

Vitabeer: Subjective Evaluation (PDF)