Anchoring and First Offers

Street Streaker

Introduction to distributive bargaining Assignment 1 due
2 Salt Harbor Distributive bargaining Assignment 2 due
3 Oil-Price Negotiation Repeated interactions Assignment 3 due

Nelson Contracting

CP Hong Kong vs. MegaMarket U.S.A.

Introduction to integrative bargaining

Assignment 4 due

Begin e-mail negotiation on CP Hong Kong vs. MegaMarket U.S.A.

5 Jessie Jumpshot - Women's
National Basketball League


Contingency contracts Assignment 5 due
6 The Rothman Art Collection Fair division Assignment 6 due
7 Stakes of Engagement Balanced concerns Assignment 7 due
8 Alphexo vs. Betonn Corporation Integrative bargaining Assignment 8 due
9 Integrative bargaining Assignment 9 due
10 Aerospace Investment Balanced concerns Assignment 10 due
11 Flagship Within and between teams negotiations

Assignment 11 due

CP Hong Kong vs. MegaMarket U.S.A. email negotiation due

12 Welsh Water Four party negotiations, sequencing Assignment 12 due

Debrief Welsh Water and CP Hong Kong vs. MegaMarket U.S.A.

Course Recap

Integrative bargaining