Individual Writing Assignments

Introductory paper: "Hobbes or Locke: what do I believe, and why?" Build your argument around the two texts from Ses #1, adding an example or two from your own experience to illustrate your point. Papers should be 2 pp., double-spaced; make sure you retain a copy of your work. Due Ses #2.

Final paper: Revisit your two-page introductory essay, and explore how your statement now looks, refracted through the materials we covered, as well as your own experience of meeting ethical challenges. Papers should be 7-10 pp., double-spaced. Due Ses #13.

Team Writing Assignments

Team Structure

The TA for 15.270 will randomly compose teams of 5 students each following Ses #2. These teams will continue for the duration of the course. Each member of the 5-person team will be responsible for writing one of the five team assignments, and should indicate authorship for the paper in question; the four other members of that team are required to contribute to the reflection that generates the paper, and to confirm their participation; failure to contribute will result in a "0" for that assignment.

Team Questions

  1. "What is character?" Based on our conversations and your own experience, define character, explain how we come to have it, and specify what role it plays in ethical decision-making. Take 3-4 pp., double-spaced, to prepare your team's response. Retain a copy for your collective records. Due Ses #4.

  2. "Is business a profession? Should it be? Explain why or why not." Factor into your explanation arguments that authors in this module make. Take 3-4 pp., double-spaced, to prepare your team response. Retain a copy for your records. Due Ses #6.

  3. "What are your experiences of poverty and inequality, and what role would you assign the business world in addressing these social realities?" Take 3-4 pp., double-spaced, to explore this topic; keep a copy for your records. Due Ses #7.

  4. "Based on the Enron narrative, Bakan's use of a psychological analogy for corporate behavior, and Schelling's argument that "the marketplace is no excuse," how would you define the role of personal values/responsibility in the daily operations of a large corporation?" Take 3-4 pages, double-spaced, to explain your views; keep a copy of your work. Due Ses #9.

  5. "What is your vision of the corporation, and how do you anticipate fitting into or engaging the corporate arena on graduating from your current program?" Using examples drawn from previous work experience, take 3-4 pp. to make your case. Keep a copy for your records. Due Ses #11.