Text and Materials


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Readings by Lecture Session

All readings listed in the table below are from Munter.

1 Introduction to Course
Strategy and Structure
Munter, Mary. "Introduction." pp. 2-17, 159.
2 Strategy and Structure (cont.) Munter, Mary. pp. 18-25, 29-33.
3 Presentations Munter, Mary. pp. 86-96, 102-103, 138-151.
4 Presentations (cont.) Munter, Mary. pp. 108-137.
5 Listening/Giving and Receiving Feedback Munter, Mary. pp. 152-155.
6 Writing Munter, Mary. pp. 35-45, 51-68.
7 Writing (cont.) Munter, Mary. pp. 69-85, 166-178.
8 Persuasion  
9 Effective Teamwork Munter, Mary. pp. 97-101.
10 Team Meeting  
11 Cover Letters Munter, Mary. pp. 161-165.
12 Interviewing  
13 Team Meeting  
14 Individual Conferences/Team Meetings  
15 Individual Conferences/ Team Meetings (cont.)  
16 Intercultural Communication  
17 Intercultural Communication (cont.)  
18 Report Writing Munter, Mary. pp. 48-49, 160.
19 Media Relations: "Wildebeest" Case Munter, Mary. pp. 106- 107.
20 Electronic Media Munter, Mary. pp. 26-28, 46-47, 104-105.
21 Annual 15.279 Business Lunch at the Royal East  
22 Review of Strategic Communication: "Sunk in Sacramento" Case  
23 "Sunk in Sacramento" (cont.)  
24 Presentation on Reports  
25 Presentation on Reports (cont.)  
26 Presentation on Reports (cont.)  
27 Course Wrap-Up