February 5 Introduction

Plans for "Big Plans" / Why Plan?
John and Kath

Friedmann, "Two Centuries…"
Berlin, "The Pursuit of the Ideal"

February 10 and 12 Top-Down Planning: Robert Moses

Robert Moses I

Robert Moses II: Moot Court

Caro, The Power Broker

Saalman, Hausmann

February 18 and 19 Top-Down and Bottom-up Planning: Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes I
John de Monchaux and Suzanne Beauchamp de Monchaux

Milton Keynes II
John de Monchaux and Suzanne Beauchamp de Monchaux

The Plan for Milton Keynes

Place Debate, PLACES
de Monchaux, "The Best Laid Plans"
Susskind, "Citizen Participation..."

February 24 and 26 Environment, Infrastructure and Planning: Florida's Everglades

The Everglades I
Kath Phelan

The Everglades II
Kath Phelan

CSFP Comp Review Study
"A New Day Dawns…"
McCally, The Everglades

March 3 and 5 Planning and Environmental Justice: Big Dams / Final Project

Narmada River Dam
Balakrishnan Rajagopal

Introduction to Final Project
Rebecca Barnes


March 10 and 12 Multiple-Interest Planning: Rebuilding the WTC

World Trade Center, NYC I
Madelyn Wils

World Trade Center, NYC II
Jennifer Hrabchak

March 17 and 19 Community-based Planning

Community Based Planning
Mel King

Midterm Discussion / Review

King, Chain of Change

Medoff & Sklar, Streets of Hope
Alicea, Dancing with the City

March 31 and April 2 Infrastructure and Planning: Central Artery

Central Artery I
Fred Salvucci

Central Artery II
Fred Salvucci

Hughes, Rescuing Prometheus
April 4 Friday Field Trip (Optional) Central Artery Field Trip
April 7 and 9 Community-based Planning: Southwest Corridor

Southwest Corridor I
Ken Kruckemeyer

Southwest Corridor II
Ken Kruckemeyer

Pierce, "Boston's SW Corridor..."

Mann, "Boston's SW Corridor..."
Memorandum of Agreement

April 11 Friday Field Trip (Optional) Southwest Corridor Field Trip
Ken Kruckemeyer
April 14, 16 and 23 Environment and Planning: Boston Harbor

Final Project

Boston Harbor I
Paul Levy

Presentation Preparation and Discussion

Boston Harbor II
Vivienne Lee

US District Court Documents

Dolin, "Boston Harbor's Murky..."

April 25 Friday Field trip (Optional) Boston Harbor Field Trip
April 28 and 30 Top-Down and Open Space Planning: Bogota

Bogota Open Space Planning
Enrique Penalosa

Bogota Open Space Planning
John de Monchaux

May 5 and 7 Capital City Planning


Capital Cities
Larry Vale

Student Presentations I

Final papers due beginning of class on May 7th
May 12 and 14 Presentations

Student Presentations II