Study Materials

As an experiment, Professor de Monchaux agreed to tape one of his lectures and have it transcribed for posting on OpenCourseWare. A sample of this transcript is below, along with a link to the full text.

A sample from the transcribed lecture:

Since we spoke to you last week, I've had a chance and Suzanne has had a chance to read half your papers. Kath has read the other half. And I just want to say that the ones that I've had a chance to read show very, very solid understanding of what the Milton Keynes plan is all about. I'm assuming, Kath, that the other half also showed an understanding. So I'd like to build on that, and use much more of today to answer your questions or your puzzles about the big plan, Milton Keynes, and also use some of the time to give you our reflections on, in a sense, the third of the three questions that we asked you. Remember, we asked you: What were the goals? How were one of those goals manifested in three different topics or policies or proposals? And on the readings that have been written subsequently ............, what could you tell as to whether that goal had been achieved? And certainly I think you did a very good job of answering those three questions. Our question, or our presentation, especially Suzanne's today, will try and also answer that third part of that question: How do the outcomes on the ground relate to the vision of the plan? And most importantly: How do you explain the differences between what was proposed and what appeared?

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