Part 1: Urban Design Now
1 Designing Places and Policies Assignment 1 out
2 Assessing the Current State of Urban Design
3 Urban Design Competitions and How to Judge Them
4 Evaluating Urban Design
5 Discussion of Assignment 1 Assignment 1 due in class
Part 2: Assessing Urban Design Futures
6 Past Futures
7 Topic 1: Inventing New Ways of Living: Homes and Neighborhoods
8 Topic 2: Distributing Work: The New Workplace
9 Topic 3: The Advent of "Mediated" Space: Public Places and Technology Assignment 2 out
10 Topic 4: Creating a City of Learning: Schools and Stories in the City
11 Topic 5: Reclaiming the Industrial landscape: Land and Water Infrastructure
12 Topic 6: Rediscovering Nature: Natural Systems in the City
13 What Have We Missed? Assignment 2 due in class
14 Redesigning Urban Design