Part 1: Urban Design Now


Designing Places and Policies



Assessing the Current State of Urban Design

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Urban Design Competitions and How to Judge Them

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Lower Manhattan Development Corporation Web site to view nine initial World Trade Center designs, memorial proposals and finalist information.

NY Times and NY Times Magazine selected articles.

ULI Gerald Hines Urban Design Competition Documentary.


Evaluating Urban Design

View the 2003 Rudy Bruner Award for Urban Excellence and previous awards at the Foundation Web site.


Discussion of Assignment 1


Part 2: Assessing Urban Design Futures


Past Futures

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Topic 1: Inventing New Ways of Living: Homes and Neighborhoods

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Topic 2: Distributing Work: The New Workplace

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Topic 3: The Advent of "Mediated" Space: Public Places and Technology

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Topic 4: Creating a City of Learning: Schools and Stories in the City

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Topic 5: Reclaiming the industrial landscape: Land and Water Infrastructure

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For additional project information: skim case studies.


Topic 6: Rediscovering Nature: Natural Systems in the City

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What Have We Missed?



Redesigning Urban Design

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