Part I: Fundamentals: Land Use Planning, Regulation, and Growth Management

Week 1: Introduction
1 Course Introduction
Week 2: Project Introduction and Start-Up
2 Community Planning Project Introduced
3 Discussion of Client Project - Project Teams Formed
Week 3: Planning for Growth and Zoning Controls
4 Land Use Planning and Regulation - An Overview
5 Zoning Controls - The Basics
Week 4: Making a Plan: Where to Begin?
6 Plan-Making at the Community Level
7 Imaging Needham Center and its Streets
Week 5: Growth Management and Growth Rate Controls
8 State and Regional Planning Mandates versus Home Rule
9 The Growth Management System and Growth Rate Controls: Local and Regional Issues
Week 6: Visioning, Zoning Innovations
10 Visioning
11 Zoning Innovations

Part II: Emerging Issues, Trends, Methods and Approaches

Week 7: New Urbanism and Transit-Oriented Development
12 Neotraditional Planning, New Urbanism
13 Transit-Oriented Development
Week 8: Community Design, Placemaking
14 Community Design and Alternative Regulatory Approaches What's Applicable to the Needham Project?
15 Project Workshop Day
Week 9: Sprawl and Smart Growth
16 Sprawl and the Evolution of Suburbia
17 Smart Growth

Part III: Other Topics and Techniques

Week 10: Traffic Calming, Linking Land Use and Transportation
18 Traffic Calming
19 The Mobility Challenge for Planning: Linking Land Use
and Transportation
Week 11: Edge Cities
20 Edge Cities

Part IV: Integration and Implementation

Week 12: Using Incentives for Plan Implementation
21 Project Workshop Day
22 More on Incentive-Based Techniques and Methods to Broaden Housing Affordability
Week 13: Managing Community Character: Emerging Issues and Strategies
23 Project Workshop Day
Weeks 14 & 15: Final Project Preparation and Synthesis
24 Project Workshop Day
25 Project Team Discussions and Final Document Planning
26 The Role of Planning and the Planner in Society: Class Wrap-up and Synthesis
27 No Class: Submission of Final Plan Reports