Case Study Analyses

Five case study write-ups are listed in the syllabus. The background, financial data and assignment for each case is found in the corresponding chapter of the textbook (except where otherwise indicated in the readings section). Case study write-ups include financial analysis and a brief (3 page) write-up that address specific questions posed in the assignment. The written discussion should incorporate the results of the financial analysis required in the assignment with the financial analysis or projections attached as an appendix. The five case assignments are:

5 Working Capital Loan Request Analysis (Crystal Clear Window Company)
8 Employee Buyout Loan Request Analysis (Phoenix Forge)
11 CRA Campaign (Bank of America)
18 Financing Plan for an Inner City Supermarket
23 Manufacturer's Fund Recapitalization

Two additional case-based assignments should also be completed by the session listed below:

Ses #7: Review the City Plaza Case Study and calculate the property's maximum mortgage loan and financing gap. Recommend how NHDC can address any financing gap.

Ses #25: Review the Orlando Downtown TIF Case in Chapter 15. Evaluate the TIF revenue's capacity to support a $19 million financing and answer the 3 questions at the end of the case.