Part I: Property, Justifications and Competition
1 Introduction to the Course
2 Background
3 First Possession and Conquest
4 First Possession and Labor
5 Competition versus Property Including Corporations
6 Courts, Policy and Flexibility First 3-page paper due
Part II: Property, Fairness and Access
7 Security of Property and Adverse Possession
8 Public Policy Limits on Trespass
9 Public Accommodations, Antidiscrimination and Access Rights
10 Public Trust and Private Property
11 Fair Use of Property, Support Easements and Nuisance
Part III: Property, Planning and Public Regulation
12 Land-use Planning and Zoning
13 Land-use Planning, Limits to Zoning and Environmental Regulation
14 Property, Slavery, Race and Discrimination
15 Property and Sex-based Discrimination Second 3-page paper due
16 Property and Economic Discrimination
17 Property, Sovereignty and Takings
Part IV: Property, Land-use and Private Restraints
18 Servitudes, Licenses and Easements
19 Covenants
20 Common Ownership and Housing
Part V: Comparative Law of Property and Land Use and International Development Policy
21 Redressing the Legacy of Apartheid in South Africa: Rural Land Restitution
22 Urban Dilemmas: Land Invasions, Housing Rights and Evictions Third 3-page paper due
23 Contestation over Property Rights in India
24 Development Displacement, Contests over Land and Housing Rights
25 International Development Policy Prescriptions of Property
Part VI: Conclusion
26 Summing Up; Questions Final paper due on the last day of the course