Reaction Papers (Each Session)

Each student will write 1-page reaction paper to the readings each class that make a short, cogent analysis of the readings assigned for that day, in the light of the questions presented by the instructor. Students will briefly explain:

  1. The main issues raised by the topic under discussion;
  2. How the readings address the questions raised;
  3. How the readings differ with each other if they do and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses

Group Project Presentation

Students will be required to make a group presentation following the completion of roughly 50% of the course sessions (i.e., after Ses #12). It can either be a group report in a traditional PowerPoint format or a group project in the form of a video or multimedia presentation. In either case, the groups will present their own proposed solutions to specific problems posed in specific countries and at specific scales. The presentations will be judged on comprehensiveness, creativity, and feasibility.

Final Paper

Each student will be required to write one final paper, not to exceed 15 double-spaced pages (excluding references). The paper will adhere to academic integrity and reference standards. A quick guide to Chicago Manual of Style references can be found at: