A 1 page reaction paper is due in each class session, except for sessions 12 and 24.

1 History: Colonialism and Imperialism  
2 History: Ideas and Ideologies of Progress and Modernization  
3 Concepts: Pro versus Anti-Development  
4 Concepts: The question of Ethics  
5 Economic Development Theories: Neoclassical and Dependency  
6 Economic Development Theories: State Intervention and the East Asian Miracle  
7 Economic Development Theories: New Institutionalism and Law  
8 Alternative Development Theories: Human Rights and Development  
9 Development theories today in the context of global crisis  
10 Actors: State  
11 Actors: Markets and Marketization  
12 Actors: Civil Society: NGOs and Social Movements Group project presentation
13 Actors: Informal Economy and Illegality  
14 Actors: Global Actors and Institutions  
15 Multi-level planning and Scale  
16 Key Issues: Governance of complexity in a globalized world  
17 Key Issues: Urban-Rural linkages and tradeoffs  
18 Key Issues: Migration and Development  
19 Key Issues: Participatory development  
20 Key Issues: Corruption and reform of public institutions  
21 Key Issues: Trade, Outsourcing, and labor standards  
22 Key Issues: Aid and development  
23 Key Issues: Global Poverty  
24 Key Issues: Security and post-conflict development and Review Final paper due