1 Course Overview No readings
2 History: Colonialism and Imperialism


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3 History: Ideas and Ideologies of Progress and Modernization


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4 Concepts: Pro versus Anti-Development


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5 Concepts: The question of Ethics


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6 Econ. Development Theories: Neoclassical and Dependency


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7 Econ. Development Theories: State Intervention and the East Asian Miracle


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8 Econ. Development Theories: New Institutionalism and Law


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9 Alternative Dev. Theories: Human Rights and Development


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10 Development Theories Today in the Context of Global Crisis


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11 Actors: State


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12 Actors: Markets and Marketization


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13 Actors: Civil Society: NGOs and Social Movements


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14 Actors: Informal Economy and Illegality

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15 Actors: Global Actors and Institutions


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16 Multi-Level Planning and Scale


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17 Key Issues: Governance of Complexity in a Globalized World


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18 Key Issues: Urban-Rural Linkages and Tradeoffs


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20 Key Issues: Participatory Development


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