Humanities and Social Sciences

A colorful map of the way the world was understood in the 16th century.

An antique map of the world, circa 1570. Image courtesy of Changhua Coast Conservation Action on flickr.

In this section we have provided a collection of Humanities, Arts, and Social Science courses and resources from across MIT. Some are materials that were used to teach MIT undergraduates, while others were designed specifically for high school students.

Although normally associated with science and engineering, the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (HASS) are a thriving and vital part of MIT. All undergraduates are required to complete eight courses in HASS departments by the time they graduate. 

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Introductory MIT Courses


We have selected relevant history courses, but the list below represents only a fraction of what is available on OCW. See a complete list of History courses on OCW.

Ancient History

American History

European History


We have selected relevant literature courses, but the list below represents only a fraction of what is available on OCW. See a complete list of Literature courses on OCW.   

Social Sciences

We have picked relevant courses from OCW.  The first course listed below, Introduction to Psychology (9.00SC), is in our OCW Scholar format. OCW Scholar courses are designed for study at your own pace. They contain substantially more material than typical OCW courses, blending new content with existing material used in MIT classes.

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Global Languages


Media, Music, and the Arts



Media Studies

Game Design



Writing Resources

High School Courses Developed by MIT Students

This course was offered through the High School Studies Program (HSSP), a project of the MIT Educational Studies Program. HSSP offers non-credit enrichment courses to 7th-12th grade students on weekends at MIT.



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