Gene Sprouse

As an alumnus, I'm proud to support OCW's effort, and help it to flourish.”

Gene Sprouse
Gene Sprouse Gene Sprouse (MIT Class of 1963) believes in the importance of supporting MIT OpenCourseWare.


Gene Sprouse always had a passion for science and physics. Originally encouraged by his high school physics teacher, Sprouse nurtured his enthusiasm for physics through college and graduate school.

As an MIT Class of 1963 alumnus, he has been a professor of physics for 38 years and has received numerous awards for his excellence in teaching.

Sprouse says, "I find the OpenCourseWare site to be rich with content, and when I was teaching at Stony Brook, I used it often when preparing my lectures and class notes. In particular the visualizations of electromagnetic fields in 8.02T are just fantastic teaching tools that should be shared widely."

Sprouse is also an experimental physicist with expertise in accelerators, lasers, and nuclear spectroscopy. His research focused on neutral atom trapping and laser spectroscopy of radioactive atoms, as well as the development of radioactive beams.

Supporting open sharing

Sprouse is currently the Editor-in-Chief of the American Physical Society. In this role, he recognizes the difficulties in sustaining open sharing but believes it is an important vehicle for exchanging ideas.

Sprouse says, "The economics of sharing information freely on the web is a most challenging and exciting problem that I must deal with in my current job. MIT has taken a bold step with OCW, and it has established itself and its influence in this field by doing so. As an alumnus, I'm proud to support this effort, and help it to flourish."

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