Engineering Mechanics of Solids:



Random loads on a truss structure are generated by the program, and you are asked to estimate the reactions that would be generated at the supports. This tests your knowledge of the principles of vector addition and the summation of forces around a point. You can choose an error tolerance for your estimates, but keep in mind that you get more points for a correct answer within a lower tolerance. Try and get to 100 points with as few tries as possible.


  • Click and drag the circles at the supports, estimating the lengths of the reaction vectors as best you can
  • Click on the "Check Answer" button to evaluate your results
  • You get more points for getting the right answers at lower tolerances: within a 10% Tolerance = 40 points; 20% Tolerance = 20 points; 40% Tolerance = 10 points
  • The goal is to get 100 points with as few tries as possible

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