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About the Bronx River
Jurisdictions * History * Ecology

The Bronx River runs through two counties, four towns, four cities, three villages, five New York City council districts, seven New York City community boards and four Federal Congressional districts. Eight of its twenty-three miles are located in New York City and are now under the purview of the Bronx River Alliance.

Before the creation of the Alliance, however, the issue of jurisdiction was unclear. DPR, despite owning the majority of land along the river's banks, did not view the actual river to be under its purview. Other property owners were mainly other city agencies such as the Department of Citywide Administrative Services, Department of Business Services, and Department of Transportation (both city and state). In addition, there were many agencies (both state and federal) that had responsibility for the regulation of certain aspects of the river, but no one agency had the mandate for the overall management of the river. For example, the US Coast Guard had jurisdiction over safety, the US Army Corps of Engineers had responsibility for maintaining the channel, and the New York State Department of Envrionmental Conservation had authority over the ecological integrity of the land within 150 feet of the waterway.