Beats -- Help


The bottom window displays f(t) = sin(t) in red and g(t) = A sin(ωt - φ) in yellow. The top window displays their sum, in green.

Grab the [ω], A, or φ slider to vary the circular frequency ω, the amplitude A, or the phase lag φ.

Position the cursor arrow over the top graphing window to will be displayed.

The [zoom] key toggles between a t range of [0,20π] and [0,60π].

The [envelope] key toggles display of an envelope for the sum. An equation for this curve, and its derivation, can be found in the Supplimentary Notes.

The [sin(((1+ω)/2)t)] key toggles display of this function in the upper window.


c 2001 H. Hohn