Forced Damped Vibration -- Help


The graphing window at right displays a solution to the differential equation x" + bx' + c = cos(ωt) in yellow, the sinusoidal steady state solution in green, and the transient in cyan. Use the colored buttons at lower right to select from among these graphs.

Adjust initial conditions by dragging the cursor over the left graphing window, in which x(0) is recorded on the vertical axis and x'(0) is recorded on the horizontal axis. Alternatively, set these values using the sliders along the bottom and left side of the initial condition window.

Adjust the values of the damping constant b, the spring constant k, and the circular frequency ω of the input signal, using the sliders at bottom.

Select the vertical scale for the graphing window using the buttons below it.

Roll over the graphing window to display crosshairs and a readout of the coordinates.


c 2001 H. Hohn