Linear Phase Portraits: Matrix Entry -- Help


The graphing window at right displays a few trajectories of the linear system x' = Ax. Below the window the name of the phase portrait is displayed. Click on the window to draw more trajectories. Click on [Clear] to clear all the trajectories.

Choose between a companion matrix or a general matrix using the [Companion matrix] key.

Set the matrix entries by means of the sliders at bottom right. When [Companion Matrix] is not selected, only the entries from the bottom rows can be selected.

When [Companion matrix] is selected, the matrix can also be controlled by rolling over the plane at upper left or by grabbing the [tr] or [det] sliders alongside it.

Click the [eigenvalues] key to toggle display of a complex plane with the eigenvalues of A displayed and a readout of the eigenvalues.


c 2001 H. Hohn