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Rise & Fall of the Canton Trade System – Lesson 01

Life of a Canton Merchant

Handout 01-B | Printer-friendly PDF

“Life of a Canton Merchant” Poster

Working in a group, you will create a poster that shows the “Life of a Canton Merchant.”

1. Begin by placing your poster paper horizontally. On your paper, draw a line from left to right that divides your paper into an upper one-third and a lower two-thirds. For this activity, use only the top third of your poster, above the line you have drawn.

2. Title your poster.

3. From the image collection of Chinese or Western merchant life that you analyzed, select five images that show the most about what it was like to be either a Chinese or Western merchant involved in trade at Canton.

4. For each image that you select, use your research (Handout 01-A) to construct a paragraph telling about merchant life as conveyed through this image.

5. Display your selected images and accompanying paragraphs on your poster.

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