Charlene and Lisa work on Bad Taste skits in the Athena Cluster.
  Aneal dozes during another long writing session.
  A bottle of whisky tempts Maggie as she works.
  Ross and Dan prepare to sandwich Emily with their rolling chairs.
  Ross and Dan succeed in sandwiching Emily between their rolling chairs.
  Dan tickles Lisa to within an inch of her life.
  Emily tries to focus the group during warmups...
  ... and gives up in frustration.
  Amy watches Dan vent some agression.
  Chorallaries women practice the opening number.
  Emily and Leah practice the opening number.
  Emily, Leah, Dan, and Sebastian as the Harvard admissions committee.
  It doesn't matter what time it is - Sebastian wants to go home.
  Two fans roast marshmallows over a can of Sterno outside of 10-250 on Wednesday night.
  Fans wait in the hall outside 10-250 on the morning of the concert.
  Two Chorallaries fans give Dan a backrub before the show.
  Geoff and Mira are in costume and character during the dress rehearsal.
  Dan looks at the skit list and makes cue cards.
  Charlene and Emily tape the floor to mark the stage boundary.
  Geoff naps on a pile of t-shirts as Bo, Mira, and Sebastian finish dinner.
  Recording equipment sits ready to make the CD.
  Ross looks on as Aneal records a solo.
  Dan lays down the vocal percussion.
  Matt gets into his solo.
  After months of rehearsals, performances, and recording, Aneal needs a break.