Bad Taste 2002

Daniel Bersak

For the past several years I have had the extreme pleasure of singing with the Chorallaries of MIT - MIT's only co-ed secular non-jazz all MIT competing a cappella group. Every year, the Chorallaries write, prepare for, and perform one of the most popular events on the MIT calendar - the annual Concert in Bad Taste. This year, I decided to take my camera along for the ride. This website is the result. There are many people without whom this project wouldn't have succeeded. My sincerest thanks go to B. D. Colen for his advice and guidance. Thank you to this semester's Documentary Photography and Photojournalism class for the support and commentary, and to my friends for helping me look at the same pictures over and over again. Of course I will be forever greatful to this year's Chorallaries - Amy Schonsheck, Geoff Becker, Emily Vincent, Maggie Sullivan, Bo Kim, Leah Premo, Mira Wilczek, Aneal Krishnan, Ross Runion, Sebastian Cherng, Charlene Chuang, Kuangshin Tai, Dan Bates, Lisa An, and Matt Morissette for putting up with having my camera in their faces during every rehearsal. Last but not least, thank you to my sister Carrie for all of her help and to my parents for not leaving me on a doorstep.